Saturday, October 25, 2008

College Football Saturday at Home... A Long Day

11am: My game doesn't start until 7:15 pacific time tonight, so I have all day to kill and nothing to do. Just sitting around watching some of the early games this morning, went for something light- a Port Brewing Panzer Imperial Pilsner at only 9.5% ABV. Read about the story behind it here... My quick thoughts on it were that it was an OK beer, maybe I was expecting something more, or something that it wasn't suppose to be. Still, it's not like it was a drain pour or anything, and that 9.5% can kick your butt in the morning. I thought it would have a bit more of a snappy hoppiness to it like my favorite pilsners, but it was not to be.

Thinking about what my next choice will be...

4:30pm: Stone Veritcal Epic 08.08.08. I seem to be drinking this once a week. It's somewhat expensive at $6.99 so I don't know how much more my wallet can take. The interesting thing is, each bottle has tasted slightly different. The first one I tried had a really nice citrusy hop finish, the second one had a really big sweaty-like yeast presence, and this one seems to have a little more saison-like, and in addition has a unique bubblegum smell to it. I'm not sure this one will hold up nicely until 12.12.12 (although I think that can be predicted for a lot of the Vertical Epic beers). This ranks right up there with my favorite Stone beers... in fact, thinking about it, here would have to be my top 5 Stone choices-

  1. Ruination IPA (somewhat sentimental choice)
  2. Smoked Porter w/ vanilla bean
  3. 08.08.08
  4. IPA
  5. Imperial Russian Stout
6:00pm: For dinner we smoked a pork butt which I decided to pair with my 2006 Alaskan Smoked Porter. This exact beer won a GOLD medal at the GABF in the "aged beer" category. Compared to fresher Alaskan Smoked Porter I didn't think it was as good. I think the smokiness comes out a lot better in the newer bottles. It was still pretty good though, and especially when it warms up a lot, the smokiness comes out big time.


Anonymous said...

I thought my Cats were going to pull it out. Can't complain though. Got to try my first Alesmith Horny Devil during the game. Every beer they make, with the exception of X, is incredible. Now crying in an 08 Santa's Little Helper.

Steve said...

I was waiting for the Cats to pull it out. USC looked like they were primed to give that game away in the final 10 minutes by not capitalizing on great field position and missing that FG. Anyway, we USC fans are really getting used to seeing really bizzare and crappy play from our team on the road, so it would only have been a small shock. I can't believe they even punted to that guy at the end of the game with 9 seconds left. Cats came within about 25 yards of sending that game to OT and maybe one of the most amazing finishes in this series history.

But anyway, I agree, I love Alesmith Horny Devil... it's my favorite beer from them. Santa's Little Helper is a pretty solid imperial stout too. I was too exhausted to drink anything after the game :)

Good luck the rest of the way- rooting for you guys to beat Oregon State!