Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Need Motivation For Beer Drinking

The last 6 weeks or so have been really strange. It started off with an awesome mid-Summer trip to Russian River country with friends where much great beer was consumed. Then sickness followed. Recently, in the last week, I've started to feel better and couldn't wait to get back to drinking my favorite beverage. Well after having a few here and there over the last week I've realized I'm just not that enthusiastic right now about drinking beer. So I needed some kind of motivation to throw myself back off the wagon. What I came up with wasn't too hard. When I look around my room or in the beer fridge in the garage I see all this amazing beer I've amassed in the last couple years that I've been waiting for "just the right time" to consume. For the most part what's happened is that beer has sat there until now. So I'm picking the prizes in the bunch to start assaulting the Beer Advocate Top 100.

Currently I've reviewed (which coincides pretty closely to how many I've tried) 48 out of the 100 top ranked beers in the world on Beer Advocate. From what I have in stock here at home I will be able to get that number up to 67/100 if I drink the ones I have. It's not just about numbers though, this is a motivation for myself to start experiencing some of the best beers made on this earth (whether or not the BA Top 100 actually reflects this is a discussion for another time). If nothing else, it means I'll be drinking a bunch of Imperial Stouts in the next few months.


Baltimore Beer Guy said...

Time for an intervention.

Actually I was sort of feeling similarly after the trip. Overstimulation, methinks. Too much fun.

Jay said...

Steve, man, don't worry about it. You've got years and years of beer drinking ahead of you. Go running, go to the gym, read a book - beer will always be there. We'll still keep coming back to your excellent blog as well.