Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Enjoyable Brown Ale: Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery

Brown ale as easily become one of my favorite styles in the last 6 months and here's another one, from a brewery that calls themselves the "dark beer specialists," Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery in North Carolina.

It starts off by pouring with this massive rocky head. Initially the aroma and taste give you both a very potent chocolate malt smell along with noticeable caramal maltiness. The taste finishes with a slightly roasty quality and somewhat astringent. It was weird how on a certain few sips I would get a strictly dark fruit taste. Not bad overall but not one of my top few. I like the chocolate and sweet caramel or toffee flavors to linger into the finish instead of much, if any roastiness. 4.05/5

Duck-Rabbit also regularly produces an amber ale, porter, and milk stout which I plan on pulling out of my fridge in the near future.

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