Thursday, July 17, 2008

Giving Drake's IPA a Second Chance

Earlier this year I bought a single bottle of Drake's IPA without thinking too much about how long it might have been sitting in this bottle shop unrefrigerated. I learned pretty quickly that the beer was way past its prime and a total drain pour. In a stroke of luck I was able to find it on tap at the Delirium Cafe in Sierra Madre, a pub we frequent yet I've never seen them put this on tap save for the usual IPA fest lineup. I ordered it first and there's no doubt it was a fresh one. It's supposedly an English style IPA, but it comes across as resoundingly American. The piney and floral hops burst out of the glass and the taste carries a brash bitterness with it. At first you might think they use some English hops, but nope, it's all American. There is a somewhat sweet malt component to it which combines with a big citrusy beginning to the sip, but the hops are on major display here. I'm glad I didn't let that one aged bottle sway me away from trying this beer again because it's damn good.

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