Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Smuttynose Robust Porter

Sticking with the Smuttynose theme this week, I pulled the last one I had out of the fridge tonight as I finish studying some packets for an upcoming final. This was simply the Smuttynose Robust Porter. I have looked forward to this since porter is one of my favorite styles of beer and I just got finished brewing up my own robust porter (which everyone has seemed to really like although there's way too much banana in it from the London ale yeast).

This beer can be summed up pretty simply with the word "roasty." But to add a little more to that not only is it high on the roasted barley it seems high on the even higher roasted malts. The roastiness hits you up front, gives way to a bit of sweetness and then the acrid bitter roastiness sticks in the back of the mouth. This beer reminds me a lot of Fuller's London Porter. It's really not my favorite type of flavor profile, though I do like roastiness, I don't like it lingering, unbalanced by some sweet caramel or chocolate malt.

Smuttynose Robust Porter averages 4.16/A- on BeerAdvoacte. I'm giving it a 3.7/B

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