Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More From Lucky Baldwin's Strong Beer Fest

We had the distinct pleasure of killing the Pliny the Younger keg at the Sierra Madre location, after about 130 oz or so of the nectar. In the middle is supposedly a Marin White Knuckle IPA and if it really is I can't say I've ever had a worse IPA. I'm thinking the bartender might have poured me the wrong beer because this one tasted almost like grape juice (it was probably Craftsman Cabernale, or maybe their Honesty Ale).

Earlier today for lunch I had a Craftsman Biere de Mars which was fantastic, along with very good Alesmith Old Numbskull and Speedway Stout. On the other hand I had a Green Flash Barleywine and it tasted like rotten green apples... so I think it was infected but the bartender wouldn't taste it as she didn't really like barleywines.

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