Friday, April 25, 2008

An Impromptu Wednesday Night Beer Tasting

After recently having Choklat, from Southern Tier Brewing Company, my friend Steve was on somewhat of a quasi-mission to try some other really good chocolate beers. The one we were able to procure was Foothill's Sexual Chocolate out of Winston-Salem, NC. This is yet another beer that seems to have a cult following due to its ultra limited production. I'm not sure how many batches of this have been made (it's listed as seasonal on the Foothill's website) but at least for the last one there were only 500 bottles. I wasn't sure how long my buddy was gonna tuck this away but I got a call from him late Wednesday night to get up here so we can test these out.

To get the Sexual Chocolate we had to trade, of course, and that person threw us in an extra Chocolate Donut Stout, from Shenandoah Brewing in Alexandria, VA. We started with this, figuring it had a lower ABV (it seems to be ~7%). Although the mouthfeel of this may seem a bit on the thin side for a 7% stout, it's very tasty. Roast coffee flavors are present in small amounts and there is a definite cocoa powder aroma to it. As it warms up a bit the richness of the chocolate really goes well with the other malt in it, making a very tasty beer without going overboard. That keeps the drinkability really high. Chocolate Donut Stout could serve as an everyday drinking stout for me.

Port Brewing Santa's Little Helper served as a bit of an intermission between our two new beers. Everyone really likes this beer. This first time I had this it came across as highly roasted yet with a bit sweet chocolaty presence in it. Yesterday all the flavors seemed to blend together with much less roasted bitterness. Made it easily drinkable but not so interesting.

After that we went right to the Sexual Chocolate. The main downfall here is that I was expecting something along the lines of Choklat- something super rich and almost tasting like pure chocolate. That's not what Sexual Chocolate is about, even though it is "cocoa infused." It really is much closer to your traditional Imperial Stout. The chocolate is more along the lines of bitter non-sweet chocolate. Overall it's very chewy. As a specialty beer it didn't stand out much from many other beers, but it was very good just as a regular imperial stout. This is a good beer, but not quite what the demand for only 500 bottles might make it seem.

For food pairing concerns we went with Alien Jerky (Baker, CA) cowboy and hot jerky. We also threw a Hop Trip in at the end which I figured had probably gone south by now, but it was actually still somewhat good.

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