Thursday, January 17, 2008

Port Brewing Old Viscosity

While watching my DVD of Three Sheets season 1, the Ireland episode with all the Guinness they were drinking made me thirsty for something rich and dark. I don't have any Guinness at home but thankfully I have something better, albeit a bit different. That would be a Port Brewing Old Viscosity. Surprisingly (at least to myself), I've never had more than a taster of this, though I've had its big brother Older Viscosity that I loved and then some.

I don't know if I can completely do this beer justice in a review. It's got a lot going on for it. If you weren't aware, this beer is actually a blend of both bourbon barrel aged Old Viscosity and non-barrel aged Old Viscosity. What I get from it is a sweet cocoa like aroma along with some roasted malts. The taste has a nice rich chocolate, those roasted malts, and a good amount of alcohol that is visible to my taste buds. As far as bourbon or oak character, I can't really detect much, though if I lined up an Older Viscosity next to it I could sure tell you which one was more bourbon-like (hint: Older Viscosity of course). Old Viscosity just rolls over the tongue, nice and slick. I can't think of a whole lot of better alternatives for someone who is in the mood for something strong, roasty, and rich.
It got a 4.2 on BA from me, or an A-. Goodnight now.

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