Friday, January 18, 2008

Elysian The Immortal IPA

The last time I had a beer made in Washington had to have been a few weeks ago drinking Redhook Winterhook out of a bottle at a friend's birthday party. Before that it was nearly 3 years ago when I had my first and last Redhook ESB. That sums up the experience I have with Washington craft beer. That was until I was given a great tip by a group from Oregon and Washington who I met at Port Brewing a few weeks ago. They told me to seek out Elysian Brewing Company if I'm ever up there. Why wait? I set up a trade for Elysian's main lineup of four beers and now I'm ready to see what Washington is all about (other than rain).

The Immortal IPA
pours a clear dark brownish orange with a pretty dense and fluffy head that initially is hard for form, but when it does looks beautiful. It doesn't recede too fast either, it sticks around as a frothy finger thick cap. The smell at first is pretty citrusy, but you can pick up pine in the aroma as well. In the taste I get the opposite- lots of pine. After a few sips the citrus starts to come out and gives you a really nice juicy citrus beginning to each sip (I get orange peel), followed by piny hops. The hop flavor of this is strong, exactly the way an IPA should be. It isn't one dimensional though, it's built on a pretty generous body, almost reminding me of Surly Furious. It seems to come across mostly toasty, but not so strong as to overshadow much of the hoppy goodness. This was a great introduction into Washington beer, and I have high hopes for the ESB, Porter, and Stout that remain in my Elysian lineup. The Immortal IPA gets a 4.3, or a BeerAdvocate grade of A from me.


beer-retard said...

I'm lucky in that I can walk 10 minutes and drink this and all their other beers on tap at the source. Too bad you can't try their Prometheus (they don't bottle it). Less malt backbone, more delicious hoppiness. Elysian and Big Time are probably the two best breweries we have here.

Steve said...

I've heard the beer culture up in WA is great, though it's kind of weird we don't see many generously distributed WA brews (or am I just missing them all?). That is pretty awesome to live that close to a great brewery like that though!