Thursday, September 6, 2007

Stone 11th Anniversary Party

This Saturday is the big day and I am still wavering on whether to buy a ticket. I waited way too long to figure out if I would need to study all Saturday or not and now session 2 is sold out. I may get session 1 tickets but I still have nobody to go with- none of my friends are available and my usual designated driver (my sister) already made plans. The only problem is who knows when a Stone anniversary party will fall on such a convenient day for me (this is a USC football bye week, usually there is a game on the same day and I can't miss USC football). Who knows, I may get a ticket at the last minute tomorrow and just drive down myself for a couple hours.

UPDATE: Ok, so a buddy and I got tickets to the 2nd session and we will be hitting up The Lost Abbey for a few hours of fun and drinking before hand, and then moving onto Stone around 2:45pm. This will be my first Stone Anniversary so I'm excited.

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harrich said...

Do it. You won't regret it.