Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quick Review: Dale's Pale Ale

Dale's Pale Ale comes from a brewery named Oskar Blues in Lyons, CO. Most beer enthusiasts know about this beer, being that it comes in a can (and there's not too many that do at this time). The beer pours a bit of chill hazed (I had this pretty cold) nice amber color, which clears up quite a bit as it warms. The head was nice and frothy, leaving great lacing. The smell had a nice caramel malt sweetness but of course an even better hoppiness, mostly in the citrus variety. The taste was tilted toward the bitter side with a strong citrus hop kick. A nice malt body was back there as well. This pale ale is very generously hopped, and is a pretty easy drinking beer because it's so tasty. The carbonation can seem a bit harsh, but then again I might have just had it a little too cold. If I could get this in stores I would buy it all the time.


Mattias said...

Yes this is one of my favorite american pales, simply a very good and balanced pale ale. If I can not find any new interesting beer at my local pub, I normally go with a Dales.

Hopefully I will taste all of their beers when go visit Lyons in October.

This actually is not my number one Dales, that is still the great Gordon Ale at a massive 8.7% ABV.
Gordon is a hybrid version of a strong ale, somewhere between an Imperial Red and a Double IPA. Made by 6 different malts & 3 types of hops, then dry-hoped with loads of Amarillo (85 IBUs on a can!). Due to the limited number of quality beers on can this can simply be name the best canned beer in the world!

Second best brewery with cans?, that must be;

Butternuts Beer And Ale with their Pork Slap Pale Ale and Snapperhead IPA.

Steve said...

You know what though, I bet the majority of people, if asked what's the best beer in cans, would say Surly Brewing over Oskar Blues.... Surly has just gotten some great reviews and they've only been open for a very short amount of time.