Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Few Goodies From Overseas

No it's not the Westvleteren 12 or other hard to find beers from Europe. It's three hard to find beers from... Hawaii! As a month and a half early birthday present my longtime friend and beer pal Steve got me a 6-pack sampler from Maui Brewing Company (along with a bunch of other Hawaiian treats). How he found a store in Hawaii that would ship it to him I don't know, and right now don't care. I guess he bought a 6-pack of the Maui Coconut Porter for himself (which we both had at Stone's 11th anniversary and loved), and after having a couple this week didn't want to withhold these goodies from me for another 6 weeks. I'm not complaining. The sampler pack comes with the much recently talked about Coconut Porter, as well as their Big Swell IPA and Bikini Blonde Lager. They also come in cans (I'm starting to dig this good beer in cans thing). Can't wait to crack these open soon.

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Mattias said...

Yes, it seems that good beers comes in cans these days. A bit strange and difficult to imagine because at least over here cans beers are seen as always being bad beers.

But when you actually look at it that should not be true because a can is most often much better as a beer container compared to a normal bottle.

Lets see if any European breweries will get on the train a produce some great beers on can. Right now I can only reckon a few like Fullers in London and Youngs in the same city.