Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ritual Tavern and Alpine

Last week included a couple stops I hadn't been to in quite a while. First I finished up work downtown and drove out to Alpine for a few Super Bowl weekend growlers. Picked up a Duet, Pure Hop, and Token Imperial Porter. Headed back into North Park and hit Ritual Tavern. I love their bar area. It's got a dark, cozy, classy, old school feel to it. They had some good beers on tap, as usual, but I felt like ordering something on cask for some reason (stepped outside my comfort zone for once... err make that twice in one night). The cask pour of Lightning Amber was a new beer to me, in any form. Can't say I've had an amber ale in a very long time. This one was good. It tasted like my 2nd batch of homebrew about 4 years ago, which is either good or bad. I'm not sure. I drank it down and headed over to Toronado to have a Velvet Merkin and sausaaaaage.

Saturday morning started off with a year old Belgian Strong Pale Ale / Tripel hybrid I brewed with the Baltimore Beer Guy aka @MdBeerSpotter. It's good.

Gratuitous Duet shot. What a great beer. It's so amazingly citrusy.

This is the new Alpine Token Imperial Porter. This was a really great beer. So easy to drink. A bit of coffee in the flavor but as a good Imperial Porter will do, not enough to take it into the stout category. Lots of chocolate. Really good.

This little bastard ripped my Hamilton's sweatshirt. Oh well, I needed a new one anyway.

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