Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lucky B's for Manchester United, Arsenal (wankers) and Beer

A couple weeks ago the Upland crew (Kevin, Pat, Spencer, and myself) got up real early in the morning to hit Lucky B's, our neighborhood pub (well, only 25 min away) for some bangers, eggs, Manchester United, and beer. It was a great morning, with Manchester United grabbing a huge victory and us grabbing some great beer. Lucky Baldwin's usually doesn't have Pliny the Elder on tap (except for their IPA and Strong Ale fests) but they had it that morning. It was a sign from the Gods.

One thing I've always been impressed with is the lacing beers leave on the glasses at Lucky B's. Not sure exactly what they clean theirs with but I've never been able to duplicate it.

The beer I moved onto (while the rest drained the Pliny) was a Stone Smoked Porter which is always on tap here, and usually always a delicious choice. Still better with a vanilla bean in it though.

Studies have shown the effects of 6 Pliny's over a span over 2 hours can make you a much more interesting person to be around.

It was back to Spencer's house afterward for Green Flash Nut Brown we picked up the week before. 24 bottles for $20. A solid brown ale. Light chocolate, caramel, and no metallic twang. A steal at that price.

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