Tuesday, November 3, 2009

San Diego Beer Week

I probably won't get the chance to get out to the San Diego Beer Week festivities too much with the sister's wedding on the horizon and sucky work hours, but if I can find a few minutes here is what I'd like to do.

Monday 9th - The Tomme Arthur Experience @ Stone. This will be slammed, but maybe good enough to brave the crowd. For the most part I'd rather hit less popular/crowded destinations but like I said, this would probably be worth it.

Tuesday 10th - Small Brewery NorCal Night @ Hamilton's. All the beer we normally don't try when we head up north (save for the awesome Moonlight brews). This could be a good chance to be introduced to them. With Valley Brewing on the list, I'm guessing there's a good chance their highly respected DIPA could be there. Hamilton's will surely smell (and I'm sure feel) like a sweaty sock this whole week.

Thursday 12th - Liars Club Redux @ Hamiltons. Holy Shit!! The old Liars Club Fuego Melt makes a return to Earth for one night only!!! Plus the tap list for that night is even better than the A+++ it usually is.

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BJR said...

On Friday evening we'll be having our own little celebration- either at my house or JDavid's. You should come down...