Friday, November 6, 2009

Newport Pizza & Alehouse, Ocean Beach

Yesterday I had the opportunity to stop by Newport Pizza & Alehouse in Ocean Beach after work. My first interests were sparked by a review from The Beer Rover. I can see this being a densely packed party spot in the summer, but when I arrived it was the late afternoon and getting chilly which seemed to limit the amount of people hanging around. I got a spot at the almost empty bar and ordered a Lagunitas Lil' Sumpin Extra. I was pretty stoked to see this after having had the regular Lil' Sumpin a couple months ago. The bartender went over to the Lagunitas Brown Sugga tap handle and drew me a pint. I thought it was a bit strange but often bars won't have the tap handles matching the exact beer. I drank it, thinking "wow this is more like a (very) sweet East Coast DIPA or barleywine." Only a bit later did I realize there actually was a Lil' Sumpin Extra tap handle when a guy ordered a pitcher of it. Great, they poured me the wrong beer. I don't have a huge problem with Brown Sugga, but it definitely wasn't what I felt like.

The pizza is pretty good, it's a fairly thin, light, and crispy crust. The deals were good during happy hour too (from 3-6). $6 for a slice and a pint I think.

To end things I ordered a small pour of the Stone Double Bastard that was on cask. Just like how IPA's really suck on cask, Double Bastard lost all of its domineering flavor- the bitterness is quelled to an amber ale level and the hops aren't bursting with bitterness. Double Bastard on tap is where its at if you want that pint-punch to the face.

I'll be returning to this place at some point. Good pizza, great beer, potentially cool atmosphere in a great location, and I'll have to get the breadsticks next time.


Pizzazz said...

Great pizza!

Rational Realist said...

Too bad about the mix up. Bad to hear about the disappointing Double Bastard. I feel the same way about cask beers. The cask seems to mute most flavors. I guess I am not channeling enough of my English heritage.