Friday, November 6, 2009

Guinness Cupcakes... Psshhhhh. How About Southern Tier Choklat Cupcakes!

Just to confirm how little I really know about my sisters (whom I've always been super close with) I find out my older sister is quite the flourishing baker, and has started a little blog called Cupcake Wednesdays. I have been bugging her to make beer cupcakes for a long time, and I think she did for my graduation party back in May. If memory serves correct she used Firestone Walker Reserve as the beer. Blame alcohol induced retrograde amnesia for the foggy details. However, I still have a couple bottles of Southern Tier Choklat, an uber chocolatey stout which I think can take a chocolate beer cupcake to the next level (forget that recipe of Guinness beer cupcakes you see everywhere) . If you haven't had it lemme just say it tastes like alcoholic dark chocolate milk, and is by far the most chocolatey "chocolate" beer I've tasted (way beyond Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout and Foothill's Sexual Chocolate). Looking forward to this experiment!


rene cendejas said...

so how did they turn out?

Steve said...

Haven't had the chance to do it. Considering the bottle of beer is about $10, and the fact she'll only need to use a little of it, I wanna be there when she's making them so I can drink the rest of it!

Vicki said...

done and done