Thursday, February 28, 2008

Time For A Trip

It's been far too long since I got out of the LA area. I think it's been about a month and a half now and I'm craving some of that fresh San Diego beer. Here's what should be in store for this coming Saturday.

  • Hitting the road ~10am heading south on the 15 freeway towards Alpine.
  • Get to Alpine Beer Company around noon and get some growlers filled... Pure Hoppiness is a must, and I'll be calling Friday before close to make sure they'll have some on Saturday.
  • Grab some lunch and beer at the new Liars' Club Alpine. I'm specifically looking for New Belgium La Folie here but from what I've seen you can't go wrong with anything on their beer menu.
  • Head over to O'Brien's Pub for a couple hours in the afternoon.
  • Stop by Stone on the way back home to get a growler fill of their 2005 Russian Imperial Stout.
That should make for a really long day, but hopefully I'll be able to relax a while with a bunch of great beer while not having to worry about school until I wake up the next morning.

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