Monday, October 29, 2007

Bell's Double Cream Stout

I couldn't really wait to get started on the stash of stouts I have so last night while studying pharmacy nutrition seemed about as good a time as any. Bell's Double Cream Stout is a 7.5% brew that is produced between November and March each year. This bottle that I received was from the '06-'07 batch. It pours as a clear, dark brown liquid that appears black in the glass. The head is pretty creamy and substantial at first, almost reminding me of a Guinness or nitro-tap head, but not really. It subsides into a sticky froth after a short time. The aroma is roasty with a milk chocolate-like sweetness and the taste is also again some roasted malt (on the more subtle side) with a creamy lactose sweetness to it. A chocolaty mocha flavor sticks around in the end. None of these flavors are really extreme, they are all pretty straight forward and not out of hand, to make for a smooth (yes the mouthfeel is soft and creamy), flavorful, easy drinking sweeter stout. BA score of 4.05 given.

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