Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Allagash Tripel Reserve

This would be about my 4th offering from Allagash. I loved the Grand Cru, but was not too excited after I had the FOUR and Curieux. I probably wouldn't have tried the tripel for a long time but the owner of the best liquor store in the area threw this in during a purchase as it was one of his favorites. Since I do like tripels I was pretty excited to try this (especially in my awesome new Ommegang chalice that my buddy Kevin picked up for me from their brewery recently).

It is very clear in the bottle at room temp but develops a massive chill haze when refrigerated. The smell is pretty much right on, as far as I can tell for the style. A very nice yeasty/earthy aroma. The taste is that great unique yeast taste along an underlying sweetness. The best feature is how well the 9% alcohol is hidden. It is very well balanced, much more than the last tripel I had (Maredsous 10). It looked like Allagash once again redeemed itself. Maybe I'm not so much into their big/expensive beers (for lack of a better term) but the two regular releases I've had from them I've really loved.

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