Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Summer Lives On

Seasons change, but the Summer of Beer has persisted for 2 1/2 years. It was a fun release to write about beer while going through the grind of grad school. Now I actually have a job (never thought that day would come, and didn't want it to either) and a new place in San Diego. The amount of work I've put into this blog has dropped considerably over the last few months but I expect it to pick up soon with all the anticipated San Diego beer excursions. I'm looking forward to it but I've gotta try not to overdo it... ya know... I want to buy a house with a little picket fence and a couple of dogs soon.

Anyway, anticipate some changes here in both content and approach as I get back into the beer swing of things.

My new humble abode is located:
1.5 miles from Ballast Point Old Grove
2.7 miles from Alesmith
6 miles from Lightning Brewery
8.6 miles from O'Brien's pub
14 miles from 30th Street
16 miles from Pizza Port Solona Beach
18 miles from Stone
19 miles from The Lost Abbey
And only 35 miles from Alpine Beer Company, instead of 135 miles!


Dave said...

Jealous. I didn't want to leave San Diego when I visited during the summer. It truely is beer heaven.

BJR said...

Don't forget Green Flash. The last growlers of 30th street and Imperial were excellent...

Sparky said...

Pizza Port! I've been there a few times when I lived in S.D...ahhh...memories!