Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Night of Beers

The lineup:
1. Alesmith IPA
2. Lost Abbey Judgment Day
3. Alesmith Horny Devil
4. Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomme
5. Alesmith Speedway Stout
6. Three Floyds DarkLord (2007)

The Best: The undisputed winner here was Lost Abbey's Cuvee de Tomme. A wonderful blend of oak bourbon barrels and sour cherries, with a hint of sour brett in the background. In the smell comes some bourbon and sour cherries with a tiny amount of vanilla present. The taste gives you a lot more oak, and the bourbon overrides most of the sour brett until the very end of the sip. The carbonation was very low but it didn't detract much... in fact, although it probably could have used a touch more carbonation, too much would have been a bad thing.

The Worst: Three Floyds Dark Lord was the unanimous loser in this lineup. Not one person in the room cared for this beer. The smell carried some chocolate along with a sour type of malty smell, maybe like soy, I dunno. The taste had some bittersweet chocolate, slight coffee in the aftertaste and a real roasted malt tanginess. Tangy. That is actually the best word I could use to describe the beer. I don't even know how the majority of people like this beer. I will never seek it out again. I'm pissed I gave up a Russian River Toronado 20th for it. Live and learn I guess.

Honorable Mention to: Alesmith Horny Devil. This beer pours a rich clear golden color, smells a bit of Belgian yeast mustiness along with a big fruity sweetness. The taste is really great, all of that said above in the smell and then add in the 11% alcohol and you have a very interesting Belgian Pale Ale.

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Lucky said...

I concur, that Dark Lord was hard to drink; however, the small little taste of the Lost Abbey was excellent, too bad we were late to the tasting..