Monday, November 5, 2007

Upcoming Stuff

Another final bites the dust as we just finished our endocrine therapeutics module and prepare for what should be the worst class to come; infectious disease. However, I have a whole 9 or so hours tonight before I have to start worrying about that. I'll probably be celebrating the end of another class with a Judgment Day or Speedway Stout, or maybe both while I watch the MNF game.

Not too much on the schedule in the near future, but we have tentative plans of making another trip up to Russian River in mid-December.

This weekend being my birthday (I'm not big on my birthday, I hate celebrating it actually), gives me a good excuse to treat myself and head down to The Lost Abbey in the morning to pick up some Angel's Share and hopefully Older Viscosity. With the USC vs. Cal game later in the day it might not leave enough time to study, but I guess we'll see.

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