Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Maryland, Here I Come Again!

This Saturday the 21st I will be departing to Maryland to visit my friend The Baltimore Beer Guy, as we will be doing some heavy beering for a full week until I leave on Sunday the 29th. Last year's trip was a bit shorter but absolutely awesome, as we hit Baltimore city, all the surrounding suburbs and their awesome beer scene, and D.C. This year we have a trip to Philly planned, a roadie into Delaware to visit Evolution Brewing Company (who makes arguably the best IPA in the region, even this West Coaster was impressed last time) and Dogfish Head.

Aside from those short roadies, I'm most looking forward to re-experiencing the local Maryland beer scene in the suburbs outside Baltimore. If you're not from Maryland or don't know anyone from Maryland you would have no idea the quantity and quality of pubs and bars that focus on good beer. Outside some of the big hitters like Max's Taphouse, there are many smaller places that carry nice assortments of beers I can't get in CA, especially local fare like Flying Dog and Heavy Seas.

The beers I'm going to look most forward to hunting down are those from the small outfit known as Stillwater Artisan Ales. Each of the offerings I've had from them has been very good to stellar.

I will try to post some random updates here and there on this blog, and definitely on my twitter (@ssage) as usual.

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