Friday, April 9, 2010

A Few Quick Beer Notes - Kern River Citra DIPA, Malheur, and Sly Fox

2 kegs of Kern River Citra DIPA made their way down south recently and this was my first chance to try it while I was at O'Brien's. The keg had just tapped, so although it is unfiltered, it was probably a bit more cloudy than when normally settled. I was surprised how much this tasted like a "imperial" Blind Pig, if you will. That's a good thing, but what was even better was how much more of a mango flavor this beer had. The mango frutiness of the Pig is my favorite aspect about it.

O'Brien's just also recently had their U.S. Malheur launch party, featuring the 10 and 12 (a tripel and quad I presume you can call them). I tried the 10 and it turned out to be a fairly nice tasting tripel. I've strayed so far away from Belgian-brewed Belgian ales lately that I don't have a lot to say about them. This one was big and phenolic, definitely strong in terms of alcohol, noticeably so, but not a fire breather.

My friend Adam just got back from PA and brought back some Sly Fox. I've had the Pikeland Pils before and I'd say it's my second favorite pilsner behind the unbeatable awesome Moonlight Reality Czeck (yes they spell it czecK). I like this beer so much its on my regular Summer trade list. I plan to obtain some more as these hot months roll around.

The Sly Fox Phoenix Pale Ale was a new one to me. Not sure how old it was, but I'm guessing fairly fresh because it had a date on the bottom of the can of 6/2010, so I'm guessing that was a "drink-by" date. This was more grainy pale ale. Not really assertively hoppy, a bit of the usual crystal/caramel malt and graininess. Tasty, easy drinking brew. Don't be expecting Sierra Nevada Pale Ale hoppiness or anything.

Oh and a new batch of Sculpin is out.... that's always news. Ballast Point's Old Grove location is expanding, meaning they're gonna be making a whole lot more Sculpin, and per the people at Ballast Point, they're going to focus on meeting the demand in San Diego first. Bravo. Highly demanded product that the brewers have decided to take care of their local people with before meeting outside demand.... 2 thumbs up.

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