Friday, January 22, 2010

What I've been drinking the last month

Homebrewed Belgian Strong Pale/Tripel hybrid I brewed with the Baltimore Beer Guy about a year ago. Tasting very delicious. The two strains of yeast we use really kicked out a ton of yeast flavor. This was a partial mash beer, but we used late extract addition to keep the caramelization of the pilsner extract low and it worked out really well.

Lightning Elemental Pilsner and the Brigantine's amazing fish tacos. My favorite place for Sunday morning football and breakfast.

More fish tacos at the Brig, this time with an Alaskan IPA. A very underrated IPA. Super crisp, nice citrusy hop character. They served this to me with a crushed ice rim, which I've never seen before and would have never even thought of. Actually I would have turned my nose up at the idea a couple years ago. But this was f!#$%ing delicious!

Stone IPA as me and Pat stopped into Newport Pizza and Alehouse in Ocean Beach.

Vodka and 7-up break after a morning of beer. Dive bar in Ocean Beach.

Green Flash Belgian Brown at Hamilton's. Good beer, easy to drink. Not ridiculously Belgian but enough to give it some flair.

One of the best sours ever. Cascade Kriek. We needed a sour to keep our palates going.

Green Flash Hamilton's 3rd Anniv beer. No hops in this. It was pretty tasty, and I would have never guessed there were no hops in it.

After a long day of drinking, this Duet was pretty much a waste.

From the Beers of the World gift pack my aunt got me. Chang beer was actually quite delicious!

On the other hand, Carlsberg tasted skunked. No wonder it's the official sponsor of L'pool.

Mixing things up with a good scotch. MacAllan's 12 yr. My new go-to!

Hangar 24 Orange Wheat at McAllan's pub in Rancho Cucamonga. I'm not really a fan of this place and this is the best beer they have on tap. The waitress was amazed I took the orange off the rim.

Stone IPA at the Yardhouse before Fleming's happy hour

Firestone Double Barrel at the Yardhouse in Rancho Cucamonga.

Firestone Union Jack and Fish 'n Chips at Shakespeare's Pub in San Diego watching the Arsenal v. Bolton game.

Guinness at Shakespeare's. A nice proper pour, but not too tasty of a beer.

Sometimes this just hits the spot after a day of work.

A couple bombers

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