Monday, September 21, 2009

Friday's San Diego Beer Run

Thanks to an interview I had in Rancho Bernardo we had an excuse to hit some of the San Diego beer circuit last Friday. I hope one day it will be as easy for me to get a day off whenever I want as it is for Pat and Spencer who accompanied me. Guess that's how it goes when you work for mom and pop or the government. They dropped me off at my interview destination around 10am and went searching for beer. Nothing was really open so I guess they hit a Denny's that had some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. By the time I was through with my stuff they were at the Chili's in the parking lot of where I was. Chili's had Stone IPA in bottles-- Nice!! I think that's better than what Chili's up in our area offers.

After a beer at Chili's we hit Ballast Point around noon. Unfortunately nothing great on tap, I chose the lager (4.2%) while Spencer and Pat went with the Big Eye IPA and Sextent Stout, respectively. I love the beer color spectrum covered here. The better news was that Sculpin IPA was just bottled the day before so I picked up a few bottles of that.

From Ballast Point we headed over to O'Brien's for lunch. To accompany the heaps of garlic fries we ate I had an Alpine Duet which tasted A LOT like Nelson to me (very grapey, really sweet). The second beer I tried was Pizza Port Belgian IPA (I forget its exact name). It was ok, but nowhere near as good as Green Flash Le Freak, which to me is the standard of an American made Belgian IPA (and still better than all the real Belgian IPAs).

On our way back north to go home we stopped at Stone. I had a Perdition (pictured in the middle) but was a little tired at this point and didn't really enjoy it as I usually do. I still contend that the best time to enjoy a Russian River Perdition is before noon, preferably between 8 and 10am.


BeerGuy said...

If that was the Denny's on Bernardo Center Drive I've had many a HS magic moment there.

Susan Brown said...

Beer lovers can get so excited about guzzling beer and gushing about it. This is not a surprising phenomenon. Consider the fact that theer are many cigar lovers too who look up Cigars online and rave about it for days. Just goese to show how the net brings people with similar interests together.

BJR said...

(Um, ok, Susan. Thanks for your profound insight.)

Was the Port belgian IPA Trigger Hoppy?

I had this at BLAH last weekend and thought it was pretty damn good. But I also had it with a leek, goat cheese, and summer squash pizza, and after a half liter of GF Double Stout on cask.

Hmm, that was a good day at BLAH.