Monday, May 12, 2008

Small Sunday Afternoon Tasting

We sampled a few beers while we watched the Laker's get it handed to them by the Jazz. #1 was Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan. This was a pretty good beer who's taste didn't have so much pecan as it did toasted malt, but did have an unmistakable pecan pie filling smell. #2 was Three Floyds Alpha King. Good as usual but new to a couple people who thought it was really good as well. #3 was my last bottle of Troegs Nugget Nectar, which was described by one as tasting like "pure hop extract with water added." I don't know about that but after 4 months in the bottle it is still holding up really nicely. #4 was Brooklyn Local 1, an interesting blend of Belgian yeast and German malts and hops. I thought it was good but my taste buds were off from eating this.

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